I’m here for you – to capture your day, your connection, your joy, your love. The tender moments. The joyful moments. The crazy moments. Captured in timeless, luminous, ethereal imagery. I promise to focus on capturing what’s special to you in the best way possible! My style is fine art (editorial) blended with photojournalism (documentary). This means that we will get some beautiful posed shots, but I will also capture the little moments between the poses – the laughs and looks between each other that are genuine. My goal is to tell your story by creating photos you will love! Yes, really, that’s the goal.


      I’m Faith – a photographer, artist, traveler, and dreamer. When I’m not taking photos or traveling (or both), you can usually find me at home perfecting my cheesecake, salsa, or icecream recipe, planning my next remodeling project on our old Craftsman home, watching Netflix or Hulu with my husband, and wrangling four rescue dogs and a (rotating) foster dog.  I am passionate about animals and regularly foster dogs through a local animal rescue.


      I started out with photography in college, shooting film and working in the darkroom. I shoot both film and digital now, with the classic look of film always influencing my style.  I love natural light and beautiful scenery.
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      I’m currently based in Monroe, Louisiana but love to travel. I’ve been to France, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Italy, England, Ireland, Scotland, the Netherlands, Japan, and counting…not to mention many awesome places in the US like Hawaii! My favorite places are usually on the coast of somewhere. I love the ocean! If you see me when I’m traveling, there is probably a camera blocking my face. I see the world in photos and am always framing a shot in my head when I’m in a new place with beautiful scenery.   Let’s create some beautiful artwork together.